Abstract Submission

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Arthroscopy and Sports Medicine

  1. Knee
  2. Shoulder
  3. Hip
  4. Foot and Ankle
  5. Miscellaneous

Emerging Technology

  1. Navigation
  2. Robotic
  3. Simulators
  4. Miscellaneous

Foot and Ankle

  1. Foot Trauma
  2. Reconstruction
  3. Deformities
  4. Miscellaneous


  1. Trauma
  2. Reconstruction
  3. Miscellaneous


  1. Arthroplasty
  2. Osteotomy
  3. Dysplasia
  4. Hip Preservation
  5. Miscellaneous


  1. Arthroplasty
  2. Soft Tissue Reconstruction
  3. Osteotomy
  4. Miscellaneous


  1. Conservative Treatment
  2. Developing World
  3. Osteoarticular Infections
  4. Osteoporosis
  5. Pain Management
  6. Prosthetics and Orthotics
  7. Rheumatology

Orthopaedic Oncology

  1. Operative Treatment
  2. Miscellaneous



  1. Upper Extremity
  2. Lower Extremity
  3. Clubfoot
  4. Limb Lengthening
  5. Neuromuscular Disorder
  6. Rehabilitation
  7. Miscellaneous


  1. Clinical
  2. Basic Science
    • Tissue Engineering
    • Biomechanics
    • Biomaterials and Implants
    • Allografts
    • Cartilage
    • Trauma and Bone
  3. Miscellaneous

Shoulder and Elbow

  1. Arthroplasty
  2. Soft Tissue Reconstruction
  3. Instability
  4. Miscellaneous


  1. Congenital
  2. Trauma
  3. Degenerative
  4. Cervical Spine
  5. Lumbar Spine
  6. Deformities
  7. Infections
  8. Spinal Cord Injuries
  9. Surgical Techniques
  10. Minimally Invasive Surgery
  11. Paediatric


  1. Upper Limb
  2. Lower Limb
  3. Pelvis
  4. Paediatric
  5. Polytrauma Management
  6. Road Trauma
  7. Disaster Management
  8. Miscellaneous

Dates & deadlines

Abstract submission deadline: 14 March 2018 (extended to 28 March due to high demand)

Notification of abstract acceptance/refusal: 1 June 2018

Deadline for changing the presenting author of an abstract (under exceptional circumstances only): 27 June 2018

Deadline for registration and payment of registration fee for presenting authors: 27 June 2018

Other dates & deadlines


  • Abstracts must be submitted by the PRESENTING AUTHOR only. Presenting authors must use their own SICOT account to submit their abstracts and register for the Congress. Please note that this author cannot be changed through the online abstract submission system anymore and a request to change it will only be accepted under exceptional circumstances before 27 June 2018. Requests can be sent to [email protected].

  • Only electronically submitted abstracts are accepted.

  • Abstracts must not exceed 250 words in length.

  • Abstracts must be written in English. We highly recommend that the abstract is proofread for spelling and grammar errors by a fluent English speaker before submission. Abstracts written in poor English have less chance of being accepted. 

  • Please do not use any accents or other special characters in the abstract and authors' names/institutions. 

  • Authors’ first and last names must be spelled out in full. Please do not use any initials.

  • Do NOT use all upper-case letters when entering your abstract.

  • The abstract's title or authors' names/institutions must NOT be inserted in the 'Content' field.

  • No graphs, tables, photographs, or slide presentations are accepted.

  • Abstracts will be published as one paragraph, so they should not be broken into multiple paragraphs. If you wish to use headings within your abstract, such as Introduction, Methods, Results, etc., they should be added at the beginning of a sentence within the paragraph and a colon (:) should be inserted after each heading. Example:

    Introduction: xxxx xxxx xxxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxx. Methods: xxxx xxx xxxx xxx xxx xxx xxxx. Results: xxxxx xxxx xxxx xxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx....etc.

Once you have clicked on "Finish" at the end of the process, a confirmation e-mail with your abstract number will be sent to the e-mail address you entered on the first page of the abstract submission process. Please contact the Congress Secretariat at [email protected] if you have not received a confirmation.


Terms & Conditions

The material submitted must not have been published or presented at any national or international meeting before this one.

Abstracts must be written in good and clear English.

Submission of an abstract implies that the presenting author will register for and attend the Congress in Montreal to present the abstract either as an oral presentation or as an e-poster if it is accepted.

The SICOT Congress Scientific Advisory Committee (CSAC) reserves the right to change the topic and the form of presentation (oral/e-poster) of the abstract or to reject it.


Registration of presenting authors

IMPORTANT NOTE: The presenting author of an accepted abstract (oral and e-poster) must register and pay the congress registration fee by 27 June 2018 to have his/her abstract included in the Final Programme. The Congress Secretariat will not check if co-authors have registered. Presenting authors must register using the same SICOT account used to submit their abstracts. 



For further information, please contact the Congress Secretariat at [email protected].