SICOT maintains the philosophy that orthopaedic education should be available, accessible and appropriate for surgeons no matter their background, culture or resources.


SICOT was founded on 10 October 1929 in Paris, France. It celebrated its 90th anniversary in 2019.

Constitution, Bylaws and Policy & Procedures Manual


Executive Committee & Board of Directors

Meet the Executive Committee and Board of Directors.

Academies, Councils & Committees

SICOT's structure includes the Education and Research Academies and the Governance and Finance Councils. Each Academy and Council consists of several Committees. The International Council determines the general policy of the association. 

SICOT Foundation

The SICOT Foundation was formed in 1990 to manage funds donated for the purpose of helping SICOT achieve its research and educational goals.

Friendship Nations

The partnership campaign, "Friendship Nations", honours specific nations at our annual meetings and a number of privileges are arranged for the participants of the selected nations.

Affiliated Societies

Find out here who our affiliated societies are.


SICOT and MSF have a collaboration aiming at the improvement of surgical and orthopaedic care in emergency situations, thus taking advantage of SICOT's network of highly qualified orthopaedic surgeons and traumatologists, as well as MSF's experience and knowledge of emergency medical care.


SICOT is a non-state actor in official relations with WHO.

SICOT Code of Ethics

SICOT maintains total neutrality in terms of nationalities, political engagements, philosophies, religions, cultures, and interactions with industries.

SICOT Declarations & Statements


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