Hiranandani Orthopaedic Medical Education Fellowship (closed)

Funded by Hiranandani Orthopaedic Medical Education, India


Hiranandani Orthopaedic Medical Education (HOME) is a department that is dedicated to the field of clinical research in Orthopaedics. HOME is working on a number of projects related to clinical research in adult hip and knee surgery. HOME conducted its first workshop on scientific publication (WOSP) in December 2009, in collaboration with the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery (British Volume). A number of scientific meetings have also been planned for the future.

Research Fellowships, in adult hip and knee surgery, are offered by HOME. The tenure is for six months initially and extendable for a year. The Research Fellow will be a full-time research assistant with dedicated sessions for literature search, data entry, and management of a newly developed software called SwingSmart™. Bachelor accommodation and stipend are offered to the Fellow.

The Research Fellow will be responsible for carrying out and completing the projects. The Fellow will be supervised by the two full-time consultant orthopaedic surgeons. There are targets and deadlines for the projects. The Fellow is expected to present the papers in national and international conferences.

HOME is a collaborative effort of the management of the Dr LH Hiranandani Hospital (Powai, Mumbai, India) and the Department of Orthopaedics, which recognise the immense need for research in India. HOME has plans to collaborate with some of the very prominent and popular research centers and personalities in the world. The ultimate goal is to share what we are learning, compare results, collaborate on promising treatments, and disseminate this important information to the orthopaedic community at large.


Fellowship: All aspects of adult hip and knee surgery



  • Age limit of fellows: 45 years

  • Postgraduate degree in orthopaedics and traumatology in their respective country

  • A minimum experience (after qualifying degree) of three years in general orthopaedics

  • Recommendation letter from the local teaching orthopaedic faculty

  • Must be a SICOT member with membership dues paid two years in a row at the time of the application (the year of the application and the year before)

  • Health insurance coverage during stay at centre

  • Medical check-up before travel (including lab results for blood tests) 

  • Must fill in this form


Date of commencement for international candidates: 1 January and 1 June of each year


Deadline for applications:

  1. 31 October (for posts commencing in January)

  2. 30 April (for posts commencing in June)


The offer:

  1. Bachelor accommodation

  2. Stipend to cover local expenses

  3. A certificate of completion approved by SICOT


Further information:

Dr Vijay Shetty
Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon
Hiranandani Orthopaedic Medical Education (HOME)
Dr LH Hiranandani Hospital
Powai, Mumbai 400076
E-mail: [email protected]



2016January: Varun Gupta (India)  
          June: Mridul Arora (India)

2015: March: Amith Shetty (India)  
          September: Karan Alva (India)

2014: March: Nikhil Shetty (India)
          September: Vikas Sonale (India)

2013: Prajyot Jagtap (India) 

2012: Chintan R. Hegde (India) & Sourabh Kulkarni (India) 

2011: Sandeep Wasnik (India)

2010: Sarang Kasture (India)

2009: Ninad Gogarte (India)  

2008: Bhushan Shitole (India)    

2007: Aditya Nigam (India)