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SICOT-J: How the idea was created

Hatem Said
Editor in Chief


In January 2015 SICOT-J started as an online open access journal for SICOT. The idea to create another Journal for SICOT besides International Orthopaedics (IO) was suggested and thought of one year before. There were some in favour and some that opposed the creation of another journal in fear of competition for the first journal IO (despite the editor of IO, Marius Scarlat, being a strong supporter). The argument was made that the market needs different styles of journals as this was an open access, and also published different article styles in addition to the original papers and review articles. The new articles included surgical techniques (with the possibility of adding videos), case reports and rehabilitation.

I presented the example of Samsung company, which has many versions of phones with different options and prices and they do not compete with each other, but rather serve different market needs.

The supporters won and negotiations with four publishers started. EDP Sciences presented the best support and options and the partnership was created.

Since its inception, SICOT-J has showed a strong start and many articles have been submitted to the journal due to the wide base of SICOT members and non-members from around the world. The Journal has been led by Jacques Caton and myself as Editors-In-Chief and supported by a great Editorial Board and a wonderful list of reviewers who are the main working power of the journal.

In our second and third year we published 6 special issues from renowned surgeons in different specialties. We published review articles about Orthobiologics, Computer assisted surgery, Orthopedic Oncology, Hip arthroscopy and Chondral lesions, Deformity corrections and Rotator cuff tears. This among other great articles gave the journal a big push to help in its indexing in Pubmed within 13 months from its inception.

SICOT-J has received around 750 articles and accepted 253 till now. The journal seeks to publish high quality articles and unique science that will benefit the orthopaedic community.

The advantage of open access is that the articles are freely available to all and thus reach a large community of orthopaedic surgeons. Some articles have been downloaded more than 15,000 times.

SICOT-J is now indexed in Pubmed, PMC (Pubmed Central), DOAJ, Emerging sciences citation index, and Google Scholar. There is further indexing and recognition in process and this will soon be announced.

We look forward to receiving your articles in SICOT-J.