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SICOT in Egypt: A story of successful cooperation that will continue…


  Ahmed H. Abdelazeem
  Vice Chairman of the SICOT Young Surgeons Committee - Cairo, Egypt





For many years, the SICOT organisation has had a very successful impact in Egypt. A continuous cooperation has been established with many Egyptian bodies that has led to mutual benefits.

One example is the cooperation in the field of fellowships. SICOT approved the training of African SICOT members in two of the largest university hospitals in Egypt; Alexandria University in the north and Assiut University in the south. SICOT also granted a special fellowship programme abroad for members of SICOT and the Egyptian Orthopaedic Association (EOA). Accordingly, many young Egyptian surgeons have received an exceptional overseas training opportunity in centres of their choice.

Another example is the cooperation in the field of scientific events. SICOT has contributed with special sessions aimed at trainees during the past five EOA annual congresses. A SICOT ambassador was present, sharing his lectures, knowledge and experience with Egyptian trainees. An iconic meeting was organised in Luxor in 2017, in cooperation with Cairo University and EOA. They took the opportunity of having the Editorial Board Meeting for the “International Orthopaedics” Journal in the same place and arranged a combined outstanding successful meeting.

This successful story of cooperation between SICOT and EOA will continue…

Recently, the EOA and SICOT approved a combined international event: the 26th International Annual Young Surgeons Meeting of SICOT and the 9th Annual Spring Meeting of the Egyptian Orthopaedic Association, to be held between 5-7 March 2020 in Hurghada, Red Sea Governorate, Egypt.

First, I would like to brief you on how the idea of this meeting emerged.

Every year, the EOA organises two meetings; one of them is held in the capital city of Egypt, Cairo, at the end of the year, while the other one is held in other cities in the spring. On the other hand, the SICOT organisation encourages its Young Surgeons Committee to organise an annual meeting dedicated to trainees and young members, held in parallel with its annual official congress. Several international trainees’ meetings have been organised successfully in the United Kingdom, Germany, Poland, Egypt and Morocco, as well as many other locally organised ones.

Knowing and believing in the power and influence of both societies and events, the idea is to combine both events together, in order to execute a highly successful and rich scientific meeting where young surgeons will be able to meet the experts of both societies.

The location and timing of this event have been specifically chosen to make this event a memorable experience. It will be held in the spring in Hurghada which is well known worldwide for its beautiful beaches, sun and water sports, especially scuba diving.

The Scientific Committee is planning to hold the meeting in a format that fits the needs of young surgeons and this will be based on a lot of interaction. It will include lectures from experts in different fields of orthopaedics and trauma as well as multiple interesting cases for discussion with the experts. Moreover, the young surgeons from different parts of the world will have ample opportunities to present their work and compete for the best presentations and free papers awards.

This meeting will be held at an international level. The organising committee is looking for attendees from all over the world. For this reason, a special new website has been published online for all interested surgeons to follow the news, register and submit their work:

The success of this meeting will be built on three pillars.

  1. The continuous successful cooperation between SICOT and the EOA

  2. The new ideas and congress format suggested by the young generation of surgeons organising the event based on interaction between young surgeons and the experts

  3. The power of having attendees from different schools coming together and sharing their different experiences

Looking forward to seeing you in Egypt... Looking forward to seeing you in Hurghada and the Red Sea during the Spring of 2020!