Fellowship News

Assiut University/SICOT Training Fellowship Report

Buunaaim Alexis - Tamale, Ghana


I wish to thank the Faculty of the Assiut University Department of Orthopaedic Surgery for giving me the opportunity to learn in their institution.

When I was offered the SICOT Fellowship I was wondering if my expectations would be met more so in another African country. However, I was more than satisfied with the level of expertise, knowledge and exposure I had during my stay in Assiut.

Assiut offers experience working in resource constrained as well as well-resourced environments. Therefore, the fellow is well-trained in decision-making regarding the best management of patients with varied economic backgrounds, which I think makes the centre the best place for surgeons from most African countries and evolving economies of the world.

I was mainly interested in Spine Surgery and Sports Medicine which I had a lot of exposure in, in both the government and private settings.  I want to take this opportunity to thank the Professors and lecturers in the department who were very helpful during my fellowship, especially Prof Hossam Sherrif, Prof Hatem Galal, Dr Bilal and Dr Shawky. I also observed varied trauma, arthroplasty and reconstructive surgery.

Assiut offered me the opportunity to attend many international and national conferences during my stay, which gave me a lot of exposure in evidence-based medicine.

As a result of this SICOT fellowship I am much more confident and my patients have started reaping the fruits of this fellowship, especially spine and sports medicine patients. Thank you.