Editorial by Mohamed Sukeik

SICOT Young Surgeons Committee 


Dear colleagues,  

I am delighted to have been selected to the position of Chairman of the SICOT Young Surgeons Committee (YSC). It is my greatest honour and privilege to have the opportunity to serve our community throughout the next term. As a result of the hard work and dedication of our previous YSC Chairmen, especially Prof Hatem Said and Dr Fatih Kucukdurmaz, who worked tirelessly for the benefit of the YSC and SICOT, we are able to celebrate a number of achievements accomplished by the YSC.

I have been an active member of the YSC for the last 7 years, serving with passion and commitment our YSC and global community. The YSC continues to grow and I am very proud to work with a dedicated, reliable, hardworking and passionate team.

SICOT is an international association which strives to promote the advancement of the science and art of Orthopaedics and Traumatology and fosters and develops teaching, research and education. A number of avenues are utilised to serve this purpose including the annual Diploma Examination, SICOT publications such as International Orthopaedics, SICOT J and the SICOT Newsletter, The Manual of Education Objectives, SICOT Fellowships and Education Centres. Alongside working with various committees on achieving those aims, the YSC has taken special interest in organising a number of activities such as the SICOT Global Network of E-Learning (SIGNEL), SICOT Educational Days, SICOT/VuMedi webinars, SICOT International Trainees Meetings and YSC Congress activities.

During my tenure, I intend to work on the following five priorities:



SIGNEL is a multimedia orthopaedic site, with a constantly evolving interface and archive of scientific information. The content is indexed by the main categories of orthopaedic research and is also searchable via the integrated 'search engine' function. Our aim will be to provide high quality evidence-based educational resources through SIGNEL in order to prepare young surgeons for the SICOT Diploma Examination. This will include uploading: lectures from the Educational Days and the International Trainees Meetings, the Diploma Exam Syllabus and training manual, exam experience from top candidates and their awarded fellowship experiences. The YSC will also utilise SIGNEL for promoting the SICOT Research Academy activities including the research projects executed by YSC members.


Educational Days

The Educational Day was launched by the YSC at the SICOT Triennial World Congress in Prague in 2011. The aim of this day is to provide a comprehensive review course for the residents and an evidence-based update for the practising surgeons on a specific theme at each SICOT Congress. The themes are based on the syllabus of the SICOT Diploma, FRCS (Tr & Orth) and EBOT exams, and is run in a cycle of five years. The event is held on the first day of every SICOT meeting. The YSC will continue supporting the Educational Days with speakers and is working on providing the content of those days on SIGNEL as well.


SICOT/VuMedi Webinars

We have conducted a number of SICOT/VuMedi webinars, the last of which was held on 4 June 2018 in collaboration with The Royal London Hospital, United Kingdom and was titled: ‘The Rationale for Treatment of Distal Tibial Fractures: An Orthoplastics Approach’. This was well attended and feedback from the VuMedi team and attendees has been excellent. Therefore, the YSC plan is to upload all previous and future SICOT webinars on to SIGNEL and will aim to cover the whole training manual, working systemically through all Orthopaedic and Trauma themes whilst planning future webinars.


SICOT International Trainees Meeting

The YSC organised the International Trainees Meeting held in London and contributed to the organisation of the meeting held in Würzburg, Germany. Having had excellent feedback for both meetings, we are planning to run this meeting in the following years and we already have proposals from YSC members to host the meetings in 2020 in Hurghada, Egypt, and 2021 in Cambridge, United Kingdom.


YSC Congress Activities

The YSC will continue supporting the SICOT annual world congresses by organising and contributing to a number of symposiums and providing feedback on all other symposiums in order to continue improving the content of those scientific meetings. For this year’s planned congress in Montreal we are organising the following symposiums:

Symposium 1: Periprosthetic Joint Infection: Case Discussion

Symposium 2: Virtual Workshop: How to Search Literature

Symposium 3: Difficult Primary Knee Arthroplasty: Case Discussion

Symposium 4: Difficult Case Discussions in Hip Arthroplasty


Finally, I look forward to working closely with all our esteemed YSC members and the SICOT international community to accomplish our mission which could be summarised as:

"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much." Helen Keller