Report of the I International Orthopaedic Student's Conference 

  Andrzej Bohatyrewicz
  SICOT Vice President Europe - Szczecin, Poland

The I International Orthopaedic Student's Conference took place in Gdańsk, Poland, on 22 September 2017. This Conference was endorsed by SICOT.   

It was professionally organised by the Gdańsk Medical University Team directed by Prof Tomasz Mazurek with great support of the Polish Orthopaedic and Traumatology Society represented by the President, Professor Marek Synder, and numerous orthopaedic professors and doctors: Szymon Dragan, Łukasz Kołodziej, Łukasz Matuszewski, Andrzej Nowakowski, Rafal Pankowski, and many others.

The exclusively orthopaedic and trauma subjects were presented both in the Polish and English languages, altogether there were 30 presentations and two posters. The foreign participants came from Turkey and the United States.       

Four SICOT awards were given to the following presentations together with financial support for one three-year SICOT Associate Membership for the presenting author:

  1. Kasprzyk  M., Gajewski M., Tschurl J., Michalski M., Kasongo P., Strzemecki T., Jopek T.: X-ray evaluation of Corail/Pinnacle and Alloclassic Zweymüller    total hip arthroplasty.

  2. Duda Z., Dąbrowski F.: Trans-metacarpal hand replantation. Case report.

  3. Kishore J., Tukruni  M., Malik S., Ciesielski A., Matuszewski Ł.: Morphology of brachial artery injuries coexisting with supracondylar fractures of the humerus in children.

  4. Güngören N., Uzun M.: Surgical excision versus steroid injections in simple bone cysts.         

It was a very impressive student activity, both educational and scientific, which has motivated us, their tutors, to organise similar conferences in October 2018 in Szczecin and in 2019 in Łódź.