APSS/SICOT Spine Travelling Fellowship (closed)

Funded by SICOT & Asia Pacific Spine Society


Every year, SICOT and APSS (Asia Pacific Spine Society), the Spine Section of the APOA, will offer two selected candidates, who are from outside the Asia Pacific region, the possibility to travel to renowned centres in Asia. 

The programme is as follows:

Group (4 fellows)

Spine Centre

19 to 25 May 2021

26 May to 1 June 2021

2 June to 8 June 2021


Dr Mun Keong Kwan

Dr Kee Yong Ha

Dr Morio Matsumoto

MALAYSIA - University Malaya

KOREA - Seoul St. Mary's Hospital

JAPAN - Keio University



Dr Yat Wa Wong

Dr Ki Tack Kim

Dr Gabriel Liu

HONG KONG - The University of Hong Kong

KOREA - Kyung Hee University Hospital

SINGAPORE - National University of Singapore

SICOT will cover the accommodation and travel expenses (economy ticket only; taxis will only be reimbursed at a reasonable amount; airport shuttle bus service must be used in priority to taxis) up to EUR 2,500 (proof of expenses must be provided). Should some expenses be considered too high, SICOT reserves the right to refuse reimbursement.  

Kindly note that the fellow is solely responsible for obtaining the visa and the payment of visa fee, health and travel insurance respectively. APSS will assist in securing the documents required for visa application from the hosts (Korea, Singapore and Australia).



  • must be under 45

  • must be a SICOT member with membership dues paid two years in a row at the time of the application (the year of the application and the year before)

  • must have a university level of degree or country equivalent

  • must communicate effectively in English and have a legal status to go abroad

  • must be currently active in spine practice (at least 50% of the workload should be on spine surgery).


Documents to be submitted to [email protected]

  • brief curriculum vitae (not more than 4 pages)

    • qualifications (including degree(s), institution (s) and years)

      • basic Medical Degree

      • postgraduate Orthopaedic Education (e.g. FRCS Orth, MS Ortho …)

      • previous Fellowship(s) – date and duration

  • present appointment(s)

  • publication list

  • duration of experience in spine surgery

  • scanned copies of certificates and qualifications

  • scanned passport size photograph in JPEG file

  • scanned copy of passport, with at least 6 months validity

  • 1 abstract related to spine of not more than 300 word. This abstract will be used for presentation in the next APSS congress, as well as during the fellowship.


Deadline for applications: 28 August 2020