SICOT meets SICOT Fellowship Programme (open)

Funded by SICOT & local hosts


This SICOT programme allows surgeons, who are members of SICOT under 45 years of age and have finished their residency, to undertake a fellowship at a centre of excellence. The candidates will have access to, and the possibility to train in, all the orthopaedic subspecialties represented at the centre. Accommodation will be provided by some host universities/centres and SICOT will cover the travel expenses (economy) up to EUR 1,000. SICOT will reimburse up to EUR 2,000 (economy travel expenses included) for centres who do not provide accommodation. Depending on the length of the stay and the costs of accommodation, SICOT can cover this up to EUR 2,500 (prior approval required). Taxis will only be reimbursed at a reasonable amount. Airport shuttle bus service must be used in priority to taxis.  


Application requirements:

  • Must be a SICOT member with membership dues paid two years in a row at the time of the application (the year of the application and the year before)

  • Under 45 years of age

  • Applicant must have five or more years of specialised orthopaedic training

  • Health insurance coverage during stay at centre

  • Medical check-up before travel

  • SICOT members who have already received any of the SICOT Fellowships in the year of the application deadline or the previous year should not apply for any Fellowship Programme.

  • Priority is given to attendees of previous SICOT meetings.


Documents to submit:

Deadline31 March 2019


Centres currently offering this opportunity:


Centre Hospitalo-Universitaire de Blida - Blida
Subspecialties available: Tumour Surgery, Spinal Surgery, General Traumatology, Prosthetic Surgery
Duration: 1 month
Preferred period for fellowship: n/a
Supervisor: Mourad Hamidani


Vila Velha Hospital – Vila Velha
Subspecialties available: Trauma, knee, spine, shoulder/elbow and hand
Duration: 4 weeks
Preferred period for fellowship: from March to November
Supervisor: Luiz Augusto B. Campinhos


University Hospital Motol – Prague
Subspecialties available: Paediatric orthopaedics, arthroscopic reconstruction, joint arthrosplasty
Duration: 4 weeks
Preferred period for fellowship: from February to May and from September to November
Supervisor: Tomas Trc and Vojtech Havlas


Aarhus University Hospital - Aarhus
Subspecialties available: Spine
Duration: 4 weeks
Preferred period for fellowship: September-December & January-April
Supervisor: Cody Bünger


Assiut University - Assiut
Subspecialties available: All
Duration: 3-6 months
Preferred period for fellowship: n/a
Supervisor: Faisal Adam


RWTH Aachen University Medical Center - Aachen
Subspecialties available: Spine, Pelvis, Orthopaedic Trauma and Plastic/Reconstructive
Duration: 4 to 8 weeks
Preferred period for fellowship: Between March and November
Supervisor: Frank Hildebrand

Bad Neustadt Shoulder Centre - Bad Neustadt
Subspecialties available: Shoulder & Elbow Surgery
Duration: Upon request
Preferred period for fellowship: Upon request
Supervisor: Frank Gohlke
Specific requirements: Hepatitis B vaccination required; Hepatitis C and HIV status

Clinic of Hand Surgery, Rhön-Klinikum - Bad Neustadt
Subspecialties available: Hand Surgery
Duration: 4-12 weeks
Preferred period for fellowship: All year
Supervisor: Karl-Josef Prommersberger

Evangelisches Waldkrankenhaus Spandau - Berlin
Subspecialties available: Arthroplasty and Spine
Duration: 4 weeks
Preferred period for fellowship: n/a
Supervisor: Ulrich Nöth

University Clinic Charité - Berlin
Subspecialties available: Hip, Knee, Spine, Trauma, Hand, Shoulder, Elbow, Pelvis, Foot & Ankle, Tumour
Duration: 2-4 weeks
Supervisor: Michael Schuetz and Carsten Perka 

Orthopaedic University Clinic (Friedrich-Alexander University) - Erlangen
Subspecialties available: Rheumatology, Joint Replacement, Spinal Surgery, Paediatric Surgery
Duration: 2-4 weeks
Preferred period for fellowship: All year, except between 1 June and 15 September
Supervisor: Raimund Forst
Specific requirements: Medical health certificate

Klinik für Unfall-, Hand- und Wiederherstellungschirurgie - Homburg
Subspecialties available: Pelvic and Spine Surgery, Hand Surgery
Duration: 3-12 weeks
Preferred period for fellowship: 1 January 2011 - 31 December 2021
Supervisor: Tim Pohlemann & Werner Knopp
Specific requirements: Costs - rent per month: EUR 140; and food (breakfast and lunch) EUR 5-7 per day (EUR 3 per day will be provided)

Klinikum Neumarkt - Neumarkt
Subspecialties available: Trauma Surgery, Spine Surgery, Orthopaedic Surgery, TKA, THA, Shoulder Surgery, Revision Arthroplasty
Duration: 4 weeks
Preferred period for fellowship: 2 January 2011 - 23 December 2020
Supervisor: Alexander Schuh
Specific requirements: Chest X-ray (No Tuberculosis), Hepatitis B,C neg., HIV neg.

Brüderkrankenhaus St. Josef Paderborn - Paderborn
Subspecialties available: Joint Arthroscopy, Replacement Surgery (minimally invasive approaches)
Duration: 4-12 weeks
Preferred period for fellowship: n/a
Supervisor: Khaled Hamed Salem
Specific requirements: No tuberculosis, Hepatitis B, C neg., HIV neg.


KAT Hospital - Athens
Subspecialties available: All susbspecialties (hand surgery, microsurgery, arthroscopic knee and shoulder surgery, ankle surgery, spine surgery, ...)
Duration: 4 weeks (extendable to one year – arrangements to be made with the host centre)
Preferred period for fellowship: tbc
Supervisor: George A. Macheras


St. George University Teaching Hospital - Székesfehérvár
Subspecialties available: Joint replacement, sport surgery
Duration: 4 weeks
Preferred period for fellowship: spring & autumn
Supervisor: László Bucsi
Free accomodation and meals are provided.


Tejasvini Hospital (SSIOT) - Mangalore
Subspecialties available: Trauma, Arthroplasty, Arthroscopy, Paediatric Orthopaedics
Duration: 6-8 weeks
Preferred period for fellowship: October-November
Supervisor: Shantharam Shetty


Fondazione IRCCS Policlinico San Matteo, University of Pavia - Pavia
Subspecialties available: Hip & Knee Arthroplasty, Spine, Sports, Paediatrics, Trauma
Duration: 4-8 weeks
Preferred period of fellowship: All year except August
Supervisor: Francesco Benazzo

Ospedale Santo Spirito - Rome
Subspecialties available: Joint replacement (Primary and Revision), Trauma
Duration: 3 months
Preferred period for fellowship: from February to April and from October to December
Supervisor: Francesco Falez
Hospital requirement: have a health insurance and a personal liability insurance to participate in surgical activities 


Leiden University Medical Centre - Leiden
Subspecialties available: Tumours, Brachial Plexus, Joint Reconstruction, Trauma, Foot & Ankle, Research/RSA
Duration: 1-2 weeks
Preferred period for fellowship: n/a
Supervisor: Rob G.H.H. Nelissen
Specific requirements: MRSA of both nose and throat and Hepatitis B are checked before patient contact. As for Hepatitis B, doctors are required to be immunised, and show the titer level. The results have to be printed in English and should not be older than 10 days. These documents have to be presented at the beginning of the training. These tests will then be repeated in Leiden. If all results are fine, patients can be seen. The trainee should arrive preferably on Friday so the tests can be taken then and the results (PCR) can be ready by the following Monday or Tuesday.


National Orthopaedic Hospital - Lagos
Subspecialties available: Arthroplasty/Orthopaedic, Oncology
Duration: 4 to 6 weeks
Preferred period for fellowship: from February to April and from October to December
Supervisor: Wahab Yinusa
Hospital requirement: anytime but December


Victor Babeș University of Medicine and Pharmacy - Timisoara
Subspecialties available: arthroscopic surgery, spine surgery and haemophiliacs surgery
Duration: 3-4 weeks
Preferred period for fellowship: between March and May and October and November
Supervisor: Jenel Marian Patrascu


University Medical Centre Ljubljana - Ljubljana
Subspecialties available: Spine, arthroscopy, sports, Endoprosthetic primary and revision surgery (hip, knee, to lesser degree shoulder), osteotomies, reconstruvtive surgery, foot and ankle, children and tumors
Duration: 1 month
Preferred period for fellowship: n/a
Supervisor: Vane Antolic


Hospital Clinico San Carlos - Madrid
Subspecialties available: Adult Reconstructive Surgery, Revisions, Shoulder, Hand, Foot & Ankle, Arthroscopy (Shoulder, Knee, Hip), Tumours
Duration: n/a
Preferred period for fellowship: All year except 15 July to 15 September
Supervisor: Garcia-Maroto

University Hospital Infanta Leonor - Madrid
Subspecialties available: Hip Surgery in Young Adult (FAI surgery -open/arthroscopy-, Hip Osteotomies -PAO-, Primary Hip Arthroplasty -Primary, resurfacing, revisions), Navigate Knee Arthroplasty, Hand Surgery, Trauma
Duration: 1-3 months
Preferred period for fellowship: First period: October-December. Second Period: January-March. Third period: April-June
Supervisor: Oliver Marin-Peña
Accommodation expenses are not covered by the hospital and the applicant must cover the costs (information is provided about low-cost accommodation). Hospital could provide lunch cost.


University of Zurich, Dept. of Trauma - Zurich
Subspecialties available: Trauma, Spine, Pelvis, General Trauma and Emergency Medicine
Duration: up to 3 months
Preferred period for fellowship: March and October
Supervisor: Hans-Christoph Pape


Indiana University Health, Riley Children’s Health - Indianapolis
Subspecialties available: Paediatric orthopaedic surgery (spine, tumor, trauma…)
Duration: 1-3 months
Preferred period for fellowship: n/a
Supervisor: John Dormans

Texas Children’s Hospital - Houston, Texas
Subspecialties available: trauma, sports injuries, spine, leg & foot deformities, cerebral palsy, spina bifida, Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI), osteomyelitis, hip disorders, and full range of pediatric orthopedic deformities.
Duration: 1-2 months
Supervisor: Scott Rosenfeld