The SICOT 75th Anniversary Book

A book by Charles Sorbie, with the kind assistance of Rocco P. Pitto.

The Book tells the story of SICOT as far as its records show. Past and present staff have done a good job in preserving the SICOT archives which are housed at Rue de la Loi 26 in Brussels (Belgium). It was from these archives of print and photo that the book was compiled. 

To the Book, context of events and photos of people who made the news, have been added. The first letter that promotes the idea of an international society was written by Dr Robert Lovett of Boston to Dr Vittorio Putti of Bologna and Dr Hans Spitzy of Vienna. It is clear from its content that these three had had prior discussions on the formation of a society. Lovett's letter was sent in 1913 and is among Putti's papers in Bologna at the Institute Rizzoli (Italy). 

The Great War ended further development of the Society until the Founders, encouraged by a few far-sighted individuals to make the Society a reality, met in Paris on 10 October 1929. 

The Book reviews these early days with great warmth and recounts the remarkable developments since then that have led to SICOT being the “Global” Society for Orthopaedic Surgery and Traumatology that it is today. It describes the origins of the Journal, International Orthopaedics, SIROT, the Newsletter, the Telediagnostic, the Diploma SICOT Examination, the Education Centre among other advances and provides a record of all its world Congresses. 

Although not Harry Potter or the Da Vinci Code, it is well worth a read on a cold winter's night or even on a hot summer day!

The book is for sale at EUR 39.93 per copy, postage and Belgian VAT included. 

To order, please download the order form, fill it in, scan it, and send it to the SICOT Head Office at

Gopalan's Evidence Based Orthopaedic Principles - A SICOT India Initiative

Evidence Based Orthopaedic Principles is published under the SICOT India Initiative. It caters to students preparing for the DNB Orthopaedics, MS Ortho, FRCS(Tr and Orth) and American Board of Surgery Exams.

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