International Orthopaedics

International Orthopaedics is the Official Journal of SICOT. The Journal is published monthly by Springer Verlag, Germany, and is distributed to 50,000 surgeons in electronic format and in 3,200 printed issues for libraries and special subscribers. SICOT members have full online access to the journal through the SpringerLink service.


CoverSICOT-J, our open access journal, is open for submission.

SICOT Newsletter

The SICOT Newsletter is circulated several times a year with the International Orthopaedics journals and recent issues are available to download below. It publishes information on the activities of the Society - as well as articles of topical interest from orthopaedic surgeons throughout the world.  

If you wish to publish or advertise in the SICOT Newsletter - please send an e-mail to [email protected].

SICOT e-Newsletter

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SICOT e-Science Bulletin

It is said that education is the cornerstone of progress. Our belief is that educating ourselves is the key to better patient care and all advances that go with it.

Education is the prime objective of SICOT and with this aim we launch a new initiative: the e-Science Bulletin. This initiative features 4 issues in a year under the leadership of Dr Hitesh Gopalan from India with his specialty team. It will bring to you an understanding of contemporary orthopaedic research and literature.

I trust that the bulletin will be useful for our members and we would be grateful for your feedback and comments on [email protected].

Ashok N. Johari
SICOT Education Council Chairman


The SICOT 75th Anniversary Book

A book by Charles Sorbie, with the kind assistance of Rocco P. Pitto.

The Book tells the story of SICOT as far as its records show. Past and present staff have done a good job in preserving the SICOT archives which are housed at Rue de la Loi 26 in Brussels (Belgium). It was from these archives of print and photo that the book was compiled.