SIGNEL is currently under maintenance. We will be online again soon! 

The collection and distribution of knowledge has been a major goal for SICOT for many years. Nowadays this has become easier with the development of IT, which is changing the world. With this in mind, SICOT has created this electronic learning programme:

SICOT Global Network of Electronic Learning = SIGNEL

This programme includes:

  • a monthly educational "Case of the Month";

  • a monthly "Article of the Month" taken from the SICOT journal "International Orthopaedics";

  • reviewed articles provided for this programme;

  • selected oral presentations from SICOT meetings;

  • free educational material from the internet;

  • free educational material from the industry;

  • free educational material from scientific journals, societies, and so on;

  • open access to selected electronic publications.

All contributions are categorised, thus allowing the user to find easily what he/she is looking for. It is completely free for all members of SICOT, and partially open for non‐members.

To access SIGNEL, simply click on the link above. Then insert the keyword or topic you would like to read more about. Click on "QUICK SEARCH" and you will be given a list of videos, articles and so on, which can each be selected with a click of the mouse. You can also go to "Advanced Search" for more options. It's that simple!

The material currently available is only the beginning. From time to time, please have a look to see what has been added.

The SICOT Head Office would also welcome any comments or proposals at [email protected]. We hope you will find this new learning programme useful and practical.