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Please check if the call for applications is open before sending your application. From 2016 onwards, any member applying for a Fellowship must have been in good standing (with membership dues paid) for at least the previous two years. Applicants not meeting this criteria will not be eligible. SICOT members who have already received any of the SICOT fellowships this year and last year should not apply for any Fellowship Programme. Reports by fellows who have completed a SICOT Fellowship can be read here.

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SICOT Diploma Examination

In 2003, for the first time, SICOT held an examination for orthopaedic trainees during its Annual International Conference in Cairo, Egypt. The overall results of this first experience were very encouraging, and a SICOT Diploma Examination has been held every year since then. 

SICOT Education Centres

The SICOT Education Centre is a focal point for stimulating and improving education in Orthopaedic Surgery and Traumatology. It is a physical entity in a university or hospital that will assist in the education of orthopaedic trainees and continuing the knowledge of orthopaedic surgeons.

SICOT Educational Day

The needs of Orthopaedic residents, fellows and practicing Orthopaedic surgeons around the world are evolving constantly. At the same time, evidence-based knowledge in Orthopaedics is expanding at a very rapid rate. Moreover, all the residents around the world need to take exams at some stage in their career to mark completion of training and/or demonstrate competency. Also, most practicing Orthopaedic surgeons do have to undergo some form of appraisal or revalidation at regular intervals to demonstrate fitness to practice.

SICOT Research Awards

The SICOT Research Award Program comprises three awards of USD 2,000 each. The winners will be chosen based on scientific merit by the newly formed Research Academy with one winner in each of the following areas: 1) Clinical Science. 2) Basic Science. 3) Young investigator (Principal Author to be less than 40 yrs old).

SICOT Training Manual

Maps and guides are essential to all who seek destinations, who know where they want to go but who need help to get there. All trainees determined to become successful surgeons need similar maps in the form of educational objectives which will help them reach their destinations. Maps, as with educational objectives, must be kept up-to-date when necessary, as new knowledge becomes available. SICOT is dedicated to the improvement of orthopaedic surgery throughout the world. The most certain way of achieving its goal is to help in the education of surgeons.