Charles Sorbie Professorship (open)

Funded by SICOT Foundation


The Charles Sorbie Professorship was created to honour the memory of Professor Charles Sorbie, President of SICOT from 1996 to 1999, who promoted the SICOT Education Program during his mandate.

The object of the Professorship is to evaluate and to improve the training in a SICOT Education Centre. This may include an audit of the Centre and related clinical departments, as well as lectures and advices in clinical problems and research.

The Professorship will be awarded to any SICOT Education Centre on the basis of an application describing the past and present activities and the willingness to develop present and future programs.       

The SICOT Foundation will enable each year one internationally respected personality to stay at least one week at the Education Centre. The travel expenses will be met by the SICOT Foundation up to EUR 3,000 and local costs will be covered by the relevant Education Centre.



  • must be a Professor of Orthopaedics

  • must be a SICOT Active Member (2017 dues must be paid)

  • applications must be addressed to the SICOT Head Office six months prior to the period concerned by the Professor himself and the Education Centre


Please send the following documents to

  • a detailed and comprehensive report of the activities of the Centre during the last two years, a list for the past two years of doctors specifying those currently in training, those from foreign countries and those having graduated.

  • a description and statistics on the current situation of Orthopaedics and Traumatology in the country.